So long… for now…


Well, it sure has been a while since I’ve stopped by this little blog of mine and checked in.

Six months?  If a coffee shop owner decided for six months to just not brew their house blend, to not have a weekly special (a Weekly HOH as it once was over here), and opted just to all together not open its’ doors to the public, it wouldn’t make it.

Inside, the coffee shop would be dark and it would feel chilly.  The doors may not be locked up, people could still go into the coffee shop, but they wouldn’t find anything special anymore.  No inviting faces, no cozy feel, familiar faces, the desire to hunker down in a corner with a latte and their favorite novel.

Like a coffee shop that hasn’t been open for business for the past six months, this blog has been quiet, not visited by its’ owner, still here for others to stop by, but for what?  It’s quiet, no longer very familiar, and it feels, well, different.

I started this little blog of mine way back in August of 2006 over at Blogspot.  I started the blog as a single twenty five year old girl living with girlfriends, navigating life and love, living in the city with friends, finding myself, and looking for my true passion.

Today, I’m a newlywed, one month into marriage, living with my husband and our cat in a small apartment outside of the city.  I work in a field that I love, I am blessed with an amazing group of friends and a wonderful family.  There have been many, many changes since Skrinkering Hearts first opened its’ doors seven years ago.  I’ve lost loved ones, moved, changed jobs, changed careers, went on heaps of dates, some wonderful and that led me to my now husband, some not so special that if nothing else, offered some damn good blogging material.  I’ve met some truly special humans through this blog, and for that, I will forever be thankful.

While I feel that it is time to move on from this blog for now, perhaps set up shop in a different space, a piece of my heart will forever be here with my first blog, and with all of the people that came into my life because of it.

If you do happen to still peak into the doors here, even though coffee hasn’t been served in quite some time, I do hope that you know I would welcome the opportunity to stay in touch with any of you who would like to continue a friendship off of the blog.  I will keep my gmail account active for now; please, if you are still here, or you happen to come by one day, don’t hesitate to say hello at skrinkeringhearts @gmail.

It’s not goodbye… it’s just so long for now.

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Health and fitness and challenging yourself…

You might remember awhile ago I did a few reviews over here about a 10 Day Challenge that I did with a coach through Beachbody?  Here’s one of the posts that I wrote after I completed my challenge, with a little review of how it all went!:  My Review!

When I did the challenge back in September, I was just starting to get back into regular exercise, but not necessarily following any particular regimen.  I was getting back into running a bit, and was ready to embark on a plan to get me back in better shape.

I liked the challenge. While you might remember me saying that I didn’t love the shakes as much as most people do (people are obsessed with Shakeology!), what I did gain most from the challenge was the sense of support, community, accountability, and motivation from a team environment offering daily check ins and online cheerleading.

Since my challenge in September, I have gone on to try out some other Beachbody products.  I’d bet you’re familiar with a lot of the Beachbody workouts already– Insanity and P90X, Turbo Fire and Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Abs!  The list goes on.  My personal cup of tea has always been a cardio kickboxing kind of appeal, so I’ve been drawn to the Turbo Jam workouts in the past, and over the past six months, I’ve been a poster child for Turbo Fire.  With this program, I’ve seen some amazing results.  Not just physically either.  While yes, weight loss has been an awesome success for me with this program and I have lost 25 pounds over the past four months, what I’ve also gained and am most pumped and excited about, is my old sense of confidence back, and a feeling of strength and positivity that I once had, but had kind of fizzled over the past couple of years.  Between working full time and going back to school to become a nurse full time, my schedule was crazy and living a healthy lifestyle was sometimes a challenge.  Between healthy eating and fitness, I was able to keep one or the other in check most of the time, but it was still a struggle.  I was looking for that healthy balance back in my life once I completed school, got some semblance of a normal life back again, and doing these workouts along with this challenge to kick it all off really worked for me.

Since January when I began Turbo Fire, I have completed the program, and have since become a Beachbody Coach myself!  I have run two of my own challenges with two groups of amazing people, ALL who have had incredible results.  The challenge group is now 12 days long instead of 10.  What the 12 Day Challenge is really all about, at least for those who work with me, is just working together as partners in health and fitness.  Sometimes all we need is that little bit of motivation, that push and sideline cheer from someone else.

Every month I run these fun challenges, and I’m so excited about all of the amazing success stories of the people who I have worked with.  If you have even the slightest bit of interest in jump starting your health and fitness journey, I encourage you to comment on this post, or shoot me an email, and we can chat more about your goals and see if something like this might be a good fit for you!  Personally, I think everyone can benefit from it in some way, shape, or form.

I’m no sales or marketing guru.  I’m not about to flood your reader with “everything health and fitness and Beachbody!”  That’s not my style.  What I can tell you is that I’ve had some pretty amazing results with some of these workouts, with Shakeology, and all with the help and support of an awesome community, all working towards similar health and fitness goals.  If any of this is lighting up a fire inside of you, if you feel a little bit interested, leery and unsure what the hell this is all about, how it works, how it can work for YOU, then please, get in touch!  I’d love to help you reach your goals and believe me, as a team, we will have some fun doing it!

Here is some more info for the next challenge that I’m hosting starting June 3:



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sunshine and updates

Today it was in the 70’s!  Bright and sunny and just a perfect spring day all around.  I sat on a patio with the man who I’m going to marry in just about five months from now, I wore new flip flops and new sunglasses that are too big for me in a good way, and I just sat relaxed and enjoyed the afternoon.  The last time I wrote here on this blog it very well may have been snowing.  Time sure does fly, no?  There are lots of changes going on in my life as of late.  All for the good, but many changes, all at once kind of changes, and that has been a bit overwhelming. I’ve left the job I’ve known and loved for the past almost nine years, and tomorrow I finally start a new job pursuing my dream as a nurse.  We are moving at the end of May, and we’re not quite sure where yet.  We’re still getting married, that hasn’t changed, but there’s a lot of planning that goes into a wedding, wouldn’t you know, and that’s been busy.  We have planned our honeymoon- to Croatia!, and are beyond excited about that.  I visited my wedding dress on Friday and got that new bride-to-be glow and excitement that they always talk about on those TLC Friday night shows.  Seeing as how I’ve also been doing some serious hard work shedding for the wedding, the dress looked and felt quite different on me, but in exactly the way I was hoping for, and I felt really really wonderful standing up there on the pedestal, with my mom and dear friend S by my side.  Red shoes have been purchased for the big day, a new wardrobe for my new job (hello scrubs!), a new apartment on the horizon, and lots of changes all around.  Still very much of the same, everyday stuff going on, but a new version of a lot of things happening, and I’m quite excited and antsy and overall full to the brim with everything on this very full plate of mine.

All that said- I’ve missed this blog and this space, and for those of you that may still read over here when a post pops up every now and then, I hope life is treating you well and you too, are enjoying the sun and warmth and lots of good in your life as well.


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cooling off, cooking, and warming up

Other than the totally unseasonable 63 degree “winter” weather today, it’s been freakin freezing here in New England.  We’re talking in the single digits and feeling even chillier with the wind.  Can’t really complain though, because we haven’t gotten much snow (though I do love a good snow day here and there!), and being so cold outside has given me the opportunity to hunker down on the inside.

Things were busy there for a couple months with the holidays and everything.  And wedding planning had been in constant full swing for a good stint, and while that’s all fun and everything, because it’s our wedding, it’s also… well, it’s a lot of work.  And it can be tiring.  And so with the cold weather and the hectic season settling down a bit, it’s given us the opportunity to just relax at home, hunker in on these cold days, and enjoy just a few moments of calm.  It’s been a nice treat.

While we’ve been inside, I’ve been doing a lot of cooking, and a little bit of baking.  Here’s some of my favorites from Pinterest:


These puppies were GOOD.  They yielded a whole lot, good for leftovers, and were a healthy weeknight meal.  Not tons of prep time really involved, which is key for us after a long day.  I’m always on the hunt for quick and easy and healthy meals.

This next one is one of our favorites.  We’ve made this probably a half a dozen times now, and it’s one of our go-to’s.  I’m obsessed with cooking with quinoa, and the mix of light coconut milk with the quinoa, the scallions and a couple eggs for added protein really makes for a hit.  And this one?  TONS of leftovers.  So yummy:

Source: via Meg on Pinterest


Also good on these cold nights has been some chili courtesy of ManFriend’s special recipe, and some easy casserole dishes.  This next one we loved…

Source: via Meg on Pinterest


These muffins are a really good treat on the side with some chili.  I baked up a batch to bring to our friends’ on Saturday night- they made the chili, we made these puppies and damn were they good:


Combo any of the above with a glass of red wine, and believe me you, you’ll be warming up in no time.

What’s your favorite weeknight meal?


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oh, hi

Well happy 2013.  I know, I know, it’s January-who-knows-when-I’ll-post-this, but I missed this space so figured I’d take a moment to pop in.

In I guess what most normal brides would consider the BIG news, is that I got my dress!  Yep, I did.  Dress shopping was right up there on the list as one of the things I was least looking forward to.  Looking pretty and feeling glamorous on my big day, yes, but trying on dresses in front of everyone Say Yes to the Dress syle on a pedestal as I’m snuggly corseted into a dress I’m not sure of?  Not so much.  But a couple weeks ago after lunch and a few beers with my mom, which gave me just the right amount of gumption to try on a dress, we walked downtown to a small, adorable little dress store, and two dresses later, I had found the one.

So there’s that!  Truth be told now that I have the dress, I’m really excited!  It was just the whole thought of actually trying on a hundred of them that left me feeling kind of nervous.  Now on tap: Shedding for the Wedding, an endeavor I’m finally able to jump head first into, as I have the dress for motivation, and the extra time for the running and the 90 day Turbo Fire program I’m all into for the past eight nine ten days.

Not much other news really happening around here.  I didn’t make any resolutions this year, which isn’t a change from years past, as I usually end up writing a list of non-resolutions at some point, things I plan “not” to do, rather than placing so much pressure on the things I “should” be doing.  Because really, who needs more pressure?  Goals and life lists and all that jazz are good, but to be honest, I have enough lists going on right now between things to do at work, jobs I’m applying to, jobs I haven’t gotten, wedding lists, workout lists, lists left and right you guys and to be honest, another one is just not my bag right now.

But!  I have read a handful of really great resoluting lists on some lovely blogs that I follow (is resoluting a word?), and to you guys I say, congrats!  I really like the idea of putting goals and aspirations in writing, because I feel like speaking out loud and acknowledging the things we want most invites them to happen upon us even more.  I’m all about putting the good things that we want out into The Universe, actually asking for what we want and what we think we deserve, and focusing our energy on that rather than what’s not working and what we’re not getting.  I know that’s all very New Earth-y of me, but I do firmly believe in the power of the good we put out there comes right back to us, I always have been.

So.  Cheers to a wedding gown, resolutions if you made them and if not, just putting out good vibes into the world in getting a lot of good in return.

Happy New Year.


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steak and exercise

Seriously it’s the first week of December? Today in Boston it was a whopping 52 degrees. In DECEMBER, in BOSTON, that’s just crazy talk. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’ll take it.  But December?  Almost Christmastime and around here, 52 is a winter heat wave.

Can I just tell you all how damn satisfying a good steak and cheese sub can be? This isn’t something I go for on the regular, in fact before Saturday I can’t remember the last time I ordered a big ole’ juicy, meaty, cheesy sub like that, but hot damn was it just exactly what I was looking for.

I’m not a huge meat eater in general, but I think sometimes (at least if you’re anything like me), you just crave a good meat sub. That’s totally what she said, I know.

In other news not related to sub eating, I’m going to start doing  this Turbo Fire challenge for 90 days starting… hmm, maybe on Monday. I keep putting off the start of the 90 days because one of the days I have to get up for an early meeting or one of the weekends I have friends coming into town, but really, isn’t there ALWAYS going to be an excuse or reason to procrastinate the starting of the Turbo Fire?  I’ve decided I’m just going to start the thing, and if I miss a day, I miss a day. Who cares? I’m going to try to go easy on myself, celebrate the days I do stick to the program and not beat myself up for the days that I miss a workout. I remember I used to do that with a run- the beating myself up part, and that was never fun. Exercise should be fun is the way I see it. So should eating! It should be fun and a chance to try new things- recipes, new foods, and new workouts. And if there’s days that you want to skip out on the whole shabang all together, sleep in instead, and later in the day order a big mother of a steak and cheese sub, that should be okay too. Because why punish yourself for the fun things in life, the things that bring you joy?  Because frankly if sleeping in and eating steak and cheese for lunch is wrong, then I don’t want to be right, at all.


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Giving Thanks

It seemed like I blinked and poof!, it’s Thanksgiving.  I don’t know where the last couple of months have gone!  I feel like I’ve been busy with lots going on, but I couldn’t really tell you what exactly I’ve been doing, other than life has just seemed a bit… packed lately.  Not in a bad way, but actually in a nice kind of pace way.  Things have been a good kind of busy.

Anyway, it’s Thanksgiving which has always been my favorite holiday, and I’m thankful for a lot of things this year.  I’ve been trying to reflect on those things throughout this month here and there.  A handful that I’m especially thankful for this year:

  • My ManFriend (my fiance!?), friends, and family
  • Vacation days
  • My health, and the good health of my loved ones
  • My kitty, who is actually a five and a half year old cat, but to me, he’ll always be my kitty.  He’s been feeling not so great lately and we’re not sure exactly what it is.  I can’t begin to describe how helpless I feel when he’s not feeling well.  I may be an RN to humans and try to nurse my kitty back to health, but holy hell does my heart ache when he isn’t doing well.
  • Coffee, Trader Joe’s, and pumpkin beer tastings
  • Good books.  I’ve been reading like a mad woman over the last couple of months.  I’m so grateful for this free time I’ve had lately to dive into a good novel.  There’s nothing better some days.
  • Wedding planning.  There’s not much to do here right now since we’re not getting hitched for about ten more months, but just to chat about the wedding with ManFriend and pin a fun wedding idea makes me so excited.
  • Lastly, I’m thankful for a warm apartment and roof over my head, a Thanksgiving meal that will leave me full today, and loved ones to spend the day with.

Wishing you a day that brings you happiness doing whatever it is that you love to do.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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