cause all I ask for is instant pleasure

One of the best gifts that I got this Christmas was an electric blanket.  That, and a set of knives.  I specifically asked for both these items as I’ve been paying a heaping bundle for heat lately and have always had a hankering to snuggle under warm covers when it’s time to call it a night.  Also, I’m trying to become less of a culinary clutz and I figured the knives were a good place to start.

So far, so good.  At least with the blanket anyway.  I haven’t busted out the knives yet, but a meal which requires some dicing is calling my name.  Ideas?

The blanket even has a “his and hers” setting.  Which, is all well and good, but let’s face it, most nights, I spend solo in there (not counting my cat), so both settings are going on, regardless.  Besides, I’m a middle of the bed kind of girl, so on a given night, both sides are being cranked to high.  Thank you very much.

Now that I think about it, I’m kind of like an electric blanket.

It doesn’t take me all too long to warm up to you, and when I do, I’m constantly hooked and in it for the long haul.  Like the blanket, depending on the situation, I ease into the warm up.  I don’t come on too strong with a number 10 setting right off the bat, but once I’m warm, you can consider me at a good 8 setting for good.

Or at least, for the 11 hours until I automatically shut off.

I don’t in fact, shut off.  But I do find that I sometimes come with an expiration time as far as how long I can be “on” for.  I’m more of a morning person (that includes but certainly is not limited to Sexy Time) than a night owl.  The 12am hour rolls around and I’m usually beginning to fade.

The other night I was under the electric blanket, went to bed with the his and hers set at a 9, and I woke up in the middle of the night sweating my balls off.

I knew this would happen.  Because in addition to being a middle sleeper, a morning person, and a lover of men with good hair, I also like things instantly.  Right away, right now.  I want them when I want them, I’m impatient and immature like that, so when I want it to be warm in my bed I want it to be warm right then, snuggly and all ready for me when I say so.

I want it when I want it, and I also want it hot, right off the bat.

(This sentence can be taken to have more than one meaning, and I hope you do in fact, go there with it.)

The other night I was sitting across the table out to dinner with ManFriend. (Who, by the way, I guess I should note, is a more…. serious? ManFriend now a days.) (I’m still on board, and really not having any pangs of needing to to jump from this ship.) (That’s big….er, HUGE for me, and it makes me feel kind of comfy and relaxed in a way that I haven’t in a long time.)  (I’ll stop using the parentheses now.)

(ManFriend makes me really smile my face off, by the by.  And admitting that is also a little scary and nerve-wracking and a tiny bit freaky for me, but in a good way, you know?)

Anyway.  Done now with the parentheses I swear.  So I was sitting across from ManFriend last night at dinner, after having been out and about during the day playing around, and I lost my breath for a second.  It was one of those moments which sort of catch you off guard.  Where things are happening, good, sweet, happy things, but you get that bit of surprised pang in the pit of your stomach, in the “is this really happening to me?” kind of way.  And so, like a total nut job any reasonable person would do, I got quiet.  Real quiet, like, pull the plug on the electric blanket quiet, and I sort of just shut down.

And good lord, if you’re thinking, “That ManFriend of yours is a gem, putting up with you and your Crazy,”  you’re right.

Though he’s so damn down to earth and chill that he would say that my Crazy is nothing and actually endearing and he’d go on to tell you about how he actually digs how frazzled I get sometimes.  I know this, because in the midst of one of my little…. moments, he will grab my hand and tell me that this quality in me is one he finds most likable.

Seriously, who’da thunk?

And this?  Is how I know I’ve got a keeper.  Many other reasons could go down here, but just the mere fact that this fella not only puts up with this Crazy of mine on the regular, but actually finds it endearing?  Well then, I think I’ve found myself a good one.

(And maybe there’s a reason that I got an electric blanket with a “his” function too, afterall?)


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41 responses to “cause all I ask for is instant pleasure

  1. That’s adorable. I want to hear more!!

  2. awwwww- I love this post :) yay for you! I had lots and lots of those moments 8+ years ago, and still have them now with my fantastic husband :)

  3. I a such a cliche commenter, but awwwwwww.

  4. I really hate electric blankets. Although I like warm sheets, they just get me wayyyy too hot and I can’t breathe. But not in a good “take my breath away” kind of way like that happened with the ManFriend. That’s cute. Electric blankets do not make me cute, lol.

  5. Aww. And I want an electric blanket too.

  6. pj

    electric blankets scare me, I just load up the comforters. Your dinner story reminded me of one of my favorite quotes, its from good will hunting.. when robin williams is talking about his wife…

    wonderful stuff you know? Little things like that. Those are the things I miss the most. The little idiosyncrasies that only I know about: that’s what made her my wife. Oh she had the goods on me too, she knew all my little peccadilloes. People call these things imperfections, but there not. Ah, that’s the good stuff.

  7. oh man, electric blankets are the shit! i slept with one at my cousin’s house in wales and it was divine!!

  8. I’ve been using an electric blanket for quite a few years now, and I LOVE it!

  9. ammanners

    You definitely need a new name for Manfriend. Magoo used to call me lady friend to his co-workers, it was hilarious.

  10. This his and hers settings are for before and after you sweat your balls off.

  11. He sounds like a keeper! Mine loves my craziness and that’s one of the things that makes my heart tug more for him. :)

  12. Sounds like you got yourself a good one. I say keep him.

    I really need to get an electric blanket. You are lucky you at least have a heater. Seriously even at night my cat wants to snuggle up to me to get warmth all the while she is hogging the middle of the bed pushing me up against the wall into the fetal position.

  13. emrlds

    i could have used an electric blanket when i was without heat last night. it is damn cold in brookline!
    so it sounds like you’ve got a nice man to keep you warm, so send the blanket my way? haha. i’m glad things are going so well, hun! =)

  14. this makes me so happy lady! Here’s to a toasty sexy electric 2009!

  15. I am seriously afraid electric blankets will end my life. What a way to go–one second all toasty and the nect up in flames.

    Wait, that is MY dating life.

    Hm, electric blankets as a dating metaphor. So flexible.

    PS-you know I have many recipes for you.

  16. distracted spunk

    I’m with allthewine. Toasty sexy electric 2009 all the way!

    In all seriousness though, enjoy the ride. That’s the only way to do it. :)

  17. Does he know about your sweaty balls yet? For a lot of guys, that is a deal breaker. Just sayin.

  18. Better go buy one of those Sleep Comfort beds with his and hers firmness settings. It’s good to know things are going well and the pangs are gone. The grabbing your hand bit is very important and something I like to hear as a casual male observer.

    I had an electric blanket as a child. I used it every night, but set it very low because I’m like a freaking heater under the sheets. (take that as you will). Happy end of 2008.

  19. Know what I love about this? You started talking about blankets. And wound up spilling the beans on ManFriend. I’m happy you’re secure enough with him that you are willingly talking about him here. Go girl!

  20. I love the electric blanket metaphor. I’ve felt the same thing on occasion.

    And that “smiling your face off”? Yeah, I’ve recently found myself with this stupid grin on my face that I just can’t get rid of (nor do I want to).

    Love the post!

  21. OC

    Awww! He sounds great!!!

    And I went for the down comforter instead of the electric blanket (my logic being that instead of my heating bill going up, I was going to run up the electric bill and somehow set myself on fire). But I’m insanely jealous.

    And if you’re not looking for a meal to chop, I suggest homemade guacamole. There’s a lot of chopping to be done there so it’s good practice for the knives.

  22. Oh what a sweetie – I agree, he sounds like a good one. Which is always scary in it’s own way too – but even that is fun. Hope you guys have a good New Years Eve!

  23. i dunno if you read “the secret” but it started me on a huge law of attraction kick, and reading about the mind, and all that stuff. But, one of the ways to attract what you want is to pretend you have it. The “his” setting could be a subconcious nudge.

    I know the scared feeling, but suprisingly I’m over it, and my manfriend is the one scared. Sometimes a good thing, is a good thing. And We shouldn’t over think it.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Enjoy every minute of it!

  24. longredcape

    Yay! It’s a great feeling, huh??

  25. I meant what I said yesterday, lady.


  26. Aw, it sounds like you have a real good thing going. Yay! =) Hopefully, there’s a guy out there who will find my crazy “endearing” heh.

    Oh and Happy New Year! xo

  27. Aw, it sounds like you have a real good thing going. Yay! =) Hopefully, there’s a guy out there who will find my crazy “endearing” heh.

    Oh and Happy New Year! xo

  28. more about the ManFriend!

    He sounds great, and I love that that’s his favorite quality about you.

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  30. That just made me lose my breath for a second.

  31. You are so adorable. I love it. And I love that you have a man friend, perhaps when I get my booty to Boston I can meet him!! Yea!!!

  32. Um. I got a heating blanket
    last Christmas…and let me
    just say…I am STILL obsessed.
    One of my FAVORITE things in

  33. I likes the sound of this manfriend :) And the electric blanket, not going to lie. But the manfriend is so….aww inducing! :) I’m glad you found yourself a keeper and are so happy!!

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  35. this post makes me smile so so much.
    seriously. i can relate… thanks for sharing!

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  40. Rachel K

    Aww, what a great post! So glad that your ManFriend has worked out so well! He definitely sounds like a keeper.

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