birthday cupcakes, fries, and shakes!

If these cupcakes taste even half as good as they smell right now as they’re baking in the oven, I’m done!

I say “I’m done” as though the purpose of making these divine little treats are in celebration of my birthday.  Notsomuch!  Not mine!  ManFriend’s!  His birthday was yesterday.  But since yesterday we pulled the leave-while-he’s-in-bed, home-while-I’m-in-bed scenario that we seem to have perfected lately, we are extending the celebration to today.

Apparently I take his birthday as an excuse claim it as a day of celebration for ME (who am I?),  and yesterday I actually honest-to-god justified a small chocolate shake and small fry from McDonald’s in my head as, “it’s ManFriend’s birthday!”

I don’t even know who I’m becoming.  Other than soon to be a ten pound heavier version than myself.  Oops.

Aaand in order to help succeed in that goal, I’m off with ManFriend in a few to a yummy dinner at a place we’ve had our eye on in Cambridge!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful ManFriend!  Robbing the cradle since 2008.


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9 responses to “birthday cupcakes, fries, and shakes!

  1. Happy birthday, Manfriend!!! Hope dinner was great! Did I inspire you to punch an entry out today? :) I’m planning a doozie for tomorrow… thanks for being my one and only reader!!

  2. Wait…who’s robbing the cradle, you or him? I didn’t know this…

  3. Any excuse to eat is alright with me!!!

  4. haha love that justification. my husband’s birthday is exactly 1 week after mine so we basically spend a full two weeks in absolute gluttony :)

  5. Hahaha I’m going to do that for everyone’s birthday! I think it’s cute that you want to celebrate in every way, chocolate shakes and all. Happy Bday ManFriend! Hope you two have lots of fun!

  6. oh yay cupcakes and birthdays! lovely times all around. happy birthday manfriend!

  7. Happy belated birthday!!!

  8. awe, how totally cute! happy birthday manfriend!

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