cooling off, cooking, and warming up

Other than the totally unseasonable 63 degree “winter” weather today, it’s been freakin freezing here in New England.  We’re talking in the single digits and feeling even chillier with the wind.  Can’t really complain though, because we haven’t gotten much snow (though I do love a good snow day here and there!), and being so cold outside has given me the opportunity to hunker down on the inside.

Things were busy there for a couple months with the holidays and everything.  And wedding planning had been in constant full swing for a good stint, and while that’s all fun and everything, because it’s our wedding, it’s also… well, it’s a lot of work.  And it can be tiring.  And so with the cold weather and the hectic season settling down a bit, it’s given us the opportunity to just relax at home, hunker in on these cold days, and enjoy just a few moments of calm.  It’s been a nice treat.

While we’ve been inside, I’ve been doing a lot of cooking, and a little bit of baking.  Here’s some of my favorites from Pinterest:


These puppies were GOOD.  They yielded a whole lot, good for leftovers, and were a healthy weeknight meal.  Not tons of prep time really involved, which is key for us after a long day.  I’m always on the hunt for quick and easy and healthy meals.

This next one is one of our favorites.  We’ve made this probably a half a dozen times now, and it’s one of our go-to’s.  I’m obsessed with cooking with quinoa, and the mix of light coconut milk with the quinoa, the scallions and a couple eggs for added protein really makes for a hit.  And this one?  TONS of leftovers.  So yummy:

Source: via Meg on Pinterest


Also good on these cold nights has been some chili courtesy of ManFriend’s special recipe, and some easy casserole dishes.  This next one we loved…

Source: via Meg on Pinterest


These muffins are a really good treat on the side with some chili.  I baked up a batch to bring to our friends’ on Saturday night- they made the chili, we made these puppies and damn were they good:


Combo any of the above with a glass of red wine, and believe me you, you’ll be warming up in no time.

What’s your favorite weeknight meal?


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5 responses to “cooling off, cooking, and warming up

  1. These look really good!

    Can’t wait to try them!!!

  2. These look AMAZING! I’ve been looking for a few new meals (that yield leftovers for work lunches) to shake up my usual menu a bit. I’m definitely going to try some if not all of these. Thanks for posting!
    I’m a big fan of pierogies with red apples, cabbage and onion. Easy, hearty, tasty and actually pretty healthy if you don’t smother the whole thing in sour cream…mmmm…sour cream.

  3. I want to make that quinoa thing STAT. Mmm.

  4. Just pinned all of these – yum!

  5. My go-to meals are all made in the crockpot…chicken tortilla soup, taco soup, and chili….sort of boring but so easy and yummy when it’s cold out! I need to cook healthy like you!

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